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A news group has been set up using the Yahoo Groups so you can sign up to get the News Letter. Subscribe at InquisitorBetrayer-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

The most current news letter will be displayed here. All old news letters will be found at the yahoo group.

16 November 2006

CD presales has ended. "Space Elevator" can be purchased direct at Amazon, CD Baby, Music Forte or any CD shop that buys from Super D CD distro.

Downloads are at iTunes and Music Forte. Several other places have been sent the tracks but are not live yet. See the band forum for the list and updates.

Wes is working on a podcast. Soon to released. iTunes has it listed already with the 8 minute super sampler of the "Space Elevator".


Several reviews are listed at CD Baby, Amazon and several online e-zines, hard copy and elsewhere. Help us, tell us where you see the CD, download tracks and reviews. We are trying to keep a list.

MySpace has a blog and several groups set up that convey news of the band. Music Forte too has some interesting things.

We love comments. So far they been favorable, well for the most part. Not too many off's. We seem to have touch a few nerves with our Jade Emperor with some. Majority are very happy we did it as a tribute to one of our influences. A few seem too pure on how it should have been done. Official, it's inspired by Tangerine Dream. It's not meant to be a cover, knock off or something tangitize... It's a inspired work. We have read someone thought each track was re-mix of something else? Not. Only track that is anything close of anything we are familar with is Jade Emperor.

Keep the comments coming. Next CD, we will try to use of the suggestions as the CD is worked out.

16 September 2006

Plenty here. CD is released. MySpace, Music Forte are good spots to gather lots of info on it. CD Baby, Music Forte will carry it. You can order from us direct.

I just added a special trailer on the main page, see the infinity image. The trailer will take you on a journey into the Space Elevator with all the things one might see and hear on the way and beyond.

I got a lot of questions asked on the CD. I'll touch on the main points.

How long is it? 68 minutes and 56 seconds. Give or take a few seconds. Most of my players here say 68 minutes and 58 seconds.

How many tracks? 9, the samples are on the main page.

Your samples are too short, they don't convey the CD.
We just made a trailer that is 8 minutes long. That covers a wide range of the CD. Add the samples to that, you might say, you are now getting the idea of the CD at about maybe 25%. 75% you are missing. BUY the CD ! Also 2 tracks full length are at MySpace and Music Forte as well as a third shorten track. Previous this year, every track was up for review at Music Forte. I know some did review them, I see the stats on how many times they where played or down loaded.

Speaking of DOWN LOADS
Music Forte has the tracks for down load for a few months now. CD Baby will supply iTunes and more as well. I am not a fan of MP3 for actualy listening to music. They are ok but they lack the deep bass and open feel we put into the tracks. I think some items get lost in a MP3. General listen, sure, grab them but what you hear, is pale to the CD and light years from the DVD.

DVD? Did you say DVD? Yes we are pondering a DVD for future release.

How much does it cost? Short term sales from us direct, $12.00 . CD Baby will have them for $12.99. Other places as required on pricing. I would say, use what ever place you find workable to you. Amazon will have them too, via Music Forte I think. However, don't miss out, buy the CD.

Do you take checks? Yes but only from those I know. We do have paypal set up. I rather use paypal for your security and mine.

I don't see it at CD Baby etc. You are right. I just sent out that package Friday, 15 September 2006. I understand, it will be a while before it is there, processed and workable links in place for several of the places. BUT, you can get yours now direct and save some money $$$$

"Space Elevator" took you almost 5 years to make, will the next one be as long? It took a little over 4 years between the time Wes and I decided to form a band and have the CD done. Lots of things in those years delayed us. Some family. We are well underway on the next CD and it's not going to be 4 + years. It might be released this year and we are working out the concept for CD 3 as I type this. We have a lot of areas and material to explore. I don't see us not making CDs for some time to come.

I hear you have some other musicians going to be playing on the next cd? You are right. That is the next CD. More on that as we work more on it.

Hey I looked you guys up at the Library of Congress (LOC). I did not see you there? True, we are copy righting the whole CD. Each track is listed with ASCAP however. When it is time to pull a track out, we will submit the required forms. For us, it was best to do the whole package than it's parts. You can find Lorraine Kay at LOC under a different name. She has a ton of tracks published over the years. The paper work for the CD is being processed. We needed to complete the CD before we could mail in.

That was some of the questions. I hope this helps answer others too. Please, email me any questions you have not covered here. We got plenty of answers, maybe some of them will fit the question too.

We added a marketing person to help us with the web sites. MySpace and Music Forte and some others will be worked with by Raul Guerra. Having some help was needed as upon the release of the CD, it was becoming something other than cool trying to keep up with all the sites. Yea, all the busy work is cool but too much on one person to deal with, considering all the other things that go into making a band happen.

Also, it is nice to have another eye looking for my famous typos.

26 August 2006


This is the link to the blog and info site on the Space Elevator. A great reference spot. Do note the blog update on us. Pretty cool I think that the theme cd we worked on for a few years is linked with the real deal that the theme was inspired with.

13 August 2006

"Out of Darkness" to use some of Inquisitor Betrayer tracks

Out of Darkness, a TV show in Cleveland Ohio, link http://www.myspace.com/welcome2darkness, is going to use some of Inquisitor Betrayer tracks during the series.
Some teasers at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Prelude2Cinema
A few news shorts
"WOIO Action News does Story on TV Series
While the world was greeted with a new pope, Cleveland was presented with a historic first. During the Six o' clock news, WOIO reporter Tiffany Burns did a story on Cleveland's first TV Series. "Out of Darkness" is a sexy, gritty cop/ sci-fi drama created by Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels. The TV Series will be the first to ever be shot in Cleveland, Ohio. The series has some major product placement and is dedicated to giving local talent and local businesses the chance to be in the spotlight. "
and another one
"Airing Jan 30th at Kent University & Portage County, Ohio
Starting January 30, 2006 Film Czar and Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels' "Out of Darkness' will be shown Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 pm on TV2 at Kent University and on Channel 16 in Portage County Ohio. Visit Kent TV2 for more info.

The sexy sci-fi cop drama stars Ada Carolina Ortiz as a Cleveland Spanish homicide cop who has to deal with the crime in Cleveland, an untrusting partner, a morally challenged Prosecutor and a shadow like entity that takes over her body and goes about literally devouring criminals. The series also stars Joseph Primes, Alex P. Michaels and George V. Fiderio. It premiered last August nationally on the Dish network. The show is produced by Prelude2Cinema, a digital movie and TV company in Cleveland, Ohio. The station will also be airing promotional spots for the show featuring sponsors and promoting the show in the college newspaper. Since this is a repeat of the first episode, Prelude2Cinema is working on getting the other episodes completed and will begin a few shoots for episodes 5-7 before the end of this month.

Kent Programming director Christopher Piatt wanted to acquire the TV series after he heard it about on-line. " I feel this would be a great quality program that college students would enjoy. " Kent will also be airing an intro piece to "Out of Darkness" which shows scenes from the upcoming episodes. The station will also be putting ads in the campus newspaper. Besides the students in the dorms, the stations reach about 130,000 residents. And since "Out of Darkness" will continue to air while Prelude2Cinema gets new episodes ready, hopefully all 130,000 persons will get a chance to enter the DARK. The company plans to market the show in Cleveland and across the nation his month. Late night spots have already aired on local station WOIO,a CBS affiliate, which did a story on the series. " 

Inquisitor Betrayer is happy to be among a few musicians chosen to have a few tracks played with the show. You can find more info on the show by following the links and checking out our top 24. We wish all involved the best.

All tracks are at Music Forte for download.
The entire CD plus a bonus track only available for download is at Music Forte. http://www.musicforte.com/member/IB_Staff

CDBaby will soon have physical CD for sale. Any other music cd dealer, store etc. Do contact us. We need help in world wide sales.

1 July 2006

No Shuttle Launch !!! Hum, I guess if they would play some of our tracks, those weather systems would be more favorable.

Speaking of tracks, Wes is busy putting the last one to rest for CD 1, hence forward known as Space Elevator.

Work has started on the next CD. A double CD, doubled theme but has common roots. Right now, only band members know but we will drop a few hints as time goes on. The web site, especially the main pages will change to reflect current cd in progress too.

Hint 1

There are Monsters and a Dragon. The main character has to defeat them all.

Hint 2

The search for immortality is among items sought.

New tracks for samples on main page.


25 March 2006

Added news feed. Translator and some updates on the main page. CD 1 is coming along. Growing pains for sure. CD 2 has started. So far, looks like a double album.

We are looking for someone who specializes in modular's'. We had a person in mind but other commitments got in the way.

26 Jan 2006
Wes spent a whole week at Dale's studio. Main reason was to attend the winter NAMM 2006 show. Plenty of things there to talk about. While Dale managed not to buy everything in site, Wes picked up a few items for future use.

Andris is still on vacation. Due back next week.

The band also has another new member too. Soon to be announced. He specializes in modular's'.

The band is starting to look for agents to represent them for placement of CD's in local shops world wide. If anyone is interested in visiting their local cd shop and drop off ours, do email us. A little something extra is included in this job. Like who would not want to get paid to go to the CD shop they are going to go to anyway? That is like getting a free CD just for dropping off some CD's or lunch.

CD is getting very close. The band is working on the last tracks now. They are also talking to a few who can do the Mastering for it. Art work, well the band is still up in the air on that. They are getting closer on what direction for it. So many things that have to be in place.

Some more items

list one of Inquisitor Betrayer's new tracks. A snip off the post Portals IV is a GO! Progressive Music Society member and Portals artist, Chris Christou has picked up the Portals torch and is busy getting a double CD together from some of the newcomers to Progressive Music Society!

Track 8: Inquisitor Betrayer - Quantum Offworld (6:19)

Also Lorraine Kay, Dale's wife, has a track too on the second CD. Track 11: Angel Wings - In My Dreams (4:55)


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